10 Day パフォーマー/【 The 10 day of 10 】

10 Day パフォーマー/ The 10 day of 10






1. 11枚、パフォーマー/アーティストとして、心に残る出来事のあった日の写真を選ぶ

2. 写真についての説明は何もせず投稿

3. チャレンジの次の参加者を指名

Day 10 of the 10day Performer/Artist Challenge.

I was nominated by Keiko hirose flower,Artest.

This challenge is created to achieve the slogan:

“That’s 10 days, 10 performance photos, 10 nominations, and 0 explanations. Be active, be positive, be passionate... Raise Awareness of Art”

Every day select an image from a day in the life of a Performer/Artist - a photo from a day you felt fierce or a memorable moment you've had during a performance/show, and post it without a single explanation, then nominate somebody to take the challenge.